Car Wraps Delta

Top tips for producing effective advertising car wraps:

Car wraps can be one of the most effective ways of advertising your business with the help of mobile advertising. With a simple car wrap design, it's possible to engage passersby on the road as well as generate a greater brand recognition for your business. There are plenty of fundamentals that come with building a quality car wrap however. Although car wraps in Delta are still a relatively underutilized tactic for brand recognition, there are many companies that are jumping on this trend and using advertising in car wraps to improve their exposure across a specific area. Advertising car wraps can actually work like mobile billboards and act as one of the most efficient outdoor advertising styles. Here are some top tips on how you can produce effective car wraps for your business vehicles or for advertising opportunities with individuals. 

1. Develop your brand strategy: With the right branding and graphic design you can make an impact with your message and start to achieve some brand recognition. If it has been some time since you rebranded your company or if you have never had a professional graphic designer create brand images for your company, you may want to consider doing a bit of brand development before you get a car wrap. Remember that your branding and your imagery is going to be displayed all over the local area so it needs to be a high converting logo that will generate lots of interest. Wrapping your vehicle with dated images or unprofessional branding can actually be a counterproductive process.

2. Try to avoid photos: vectors and animation are often much more effective than photo wrapped vehicles. A photo of your staff doesn't stand as a brand identity instead it's important to get animated images or impactful vector logos that can resonate with your audience quickly. A photo has too many elements to it to be quickly processed and it's important to remember that the average car wrap may only be seen from one angle for around a few seconds at a time. Make sure that you have a striking image that can make a quick impact.  

3. Limit the copy: too much reading on your car wrap can also become a distraction. Be sure to limit the amount of copy that's on your vehicle so that you can make a memorable statement instead. Have just a few lines available on your car wrap and treated as if it were a billboard. Remember that a simple tagline, phone number or address may be all the customer remembers about your car wrap. 

4. Try to stand out with a simple design: a simple yet impactful design will be memorable and easy to read. Standing out is important so any unique image is a big priority. Just be sure to eliminate any of the noisy elements of a vehicle wrap that can distract from the main message. Create an impactful wrap that turns heads and displays the information that's needed in a quick to read format. 

Use the following tips and more to create more effective car wraps in Delta.